God’s Love Christian Preschool

Classes Offered

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2-year olds

2-By-2 is a weekly child+adult program that provides our littlest learners and their adult partners with 90 minutes of joyful activities. Toddlers are introduced to the preschool environment and class routine through age-appropriate songs, literature, crafts and games designed to spark a love of learning and to develop gross motor and fine motor skills.

6 children per class
1 morning per week

3-year olds

Many of our 3’s have never been in school before. We make this introduction exciting through topical themes, clever crafts, and many opportunities for play. Each month features a color, shape, number and Christian theme to help little ones gain the social and emotional skills they need.

12 children per class
3 days per week

4-year olds

Our 4’s class develops kindergarten readiness skills along with a sense of independence in a loving classroom community. 4’s learn the letters of the alphabet, their sounds and how to write them. Kid Writing is introduced to help put letter learning into practice. 4’s also explore basic math concepts such as number recognition, counting, comparisons and estimations. Thematic units help them explore their sense of wonder and creativity.

14 children per class
3-day, 4-day, and 5-day options

Additional Opportunities

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